Friday, February 22, 2008

Monday, February 18, 2008

Real Hungry Men

Nice to see people (Hungry-Man Dinners) still plundering stereotypes for advertising ideas:

This is the one where the blue collar workers grab their smoothies and yogurts then decide that they'll all head to the bathroom together to chat. Before that happens, however, they're fortunately reminded (here's where the point of the commercial kicks in) that real men need more than smoothies and yogurts** to conquer hunger.

That's right -- real men eat an entire pound of microwaveable frozen meat! Mmmmmmmmm!!

This might be why real men don't go to the bathroom together.

**Silly rabbit! Smoothies and yogurts are for silly, skinny women!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

"Don't you wish your girlfriend was a..."

"....GEEK like me!!"

Waiting for me on the landing outside the bedroom this morning was a Star Wars Valentine's Day card -- Princess Leia bending down to Artoo with "my only hope... ... is that you have a happy Valentine's Day" :)

Awww, thanks Ian!

Three observations:
-- the music is slow (flat) -- it plays in A whereas the soundtrack recording is B-Flat
-- what happens to the batteries and mini micro-chips play mechanisms built into these cards? Are they biodegradeable? Isn't this a little environmentally irresponsible?
-- the back of the card includes the music credit to John Williams -- (c) 1977 Bantha Music (BMI). :)

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

"Anywhere is fine, Mr. Lord Vader sir..."

Saw this on my way to work today. It's probably aimed at Gotham residents, but Star Wars fans such as myself can't help but have other associations :)

"When she's ready for that very special diamond..."

When she's ready to hock her identity, independence and sexuality in exchange for a half-a-year's-salary gaudy hunk of compressed carbon (to benefit rich jewelers and the warlords of an impoverished African dictatorship), which you hope will be returned to you a year later when you divorce so you can sell it for half its original price, the ubiquitous diamond dealership of your choice will be waiting.

Happy Valentine's Day.