Thursday, February 14, 2008

"Don't you wish your girlfriend was a..."

"....GEEK like me!!"

Waiting for me on the landing outside the bedroom this morning was a Star Wars Valentine's Day card -- Princess Leia bending down to Artoo with "my only hope... ... is that you have a happy Valentine's Day" :)

Awww, thanks Ian!

Three observations:
-- the music is slow (flat) -- it plays in A whereas the soundtrack recording is B-Flat
-- what happens to the batteries and mini micro-chips play mechanisms built into these cards? Are they biodegradeable? Isn't this a little environmentally irresponsible?
-- the back of the card includes the music credit to John Williams -- (c) 1977 Bantha Music (BMI). :)

1 comment:

midimid said...

Yup looking forward to single's awareness day myself. Good times. ;)